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Our Crest

Established in Fall of 2013, the Nursing Science Society crest brings together the very elements that define what it means to be a part of the Nursing Science Society: leadership, tradition, and care.

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Elements of the Crest

Vincat Scientia Morbos

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Vincat Scientia Morbos is Latin for “conquering disease through knowledge.” As future leaders in healthcare, we will be called to a battle each and every single day. We brave each new day with leadership - working to advocate and respect the needs of our patients. We brave each new day rooted in tradition - continuing the legacy of the valiant healthcare professionals before us. We brave each new day with the passion to care - understanding that our work will never be finished, but our impact will be boundless.

Florence Nightingale’s Lamp

The Three Crowns


The Lamp was most prominent during the Crimean War when Florence Nightingale circulated wards filled with wounded soldiers to ensure they were well. Just as her lamp lit up the dark and gloomy nights, she lit up the lives of those she cared for. Florence's dedication and selflessness makes her an inspiration to nurses everywhere. Her leadership is a beacon of hope for nurses who face challenges today.

These crowns represent the “Three C’s of Nursing” by Lynda Hall. Hall was an advocate for the critically ill and thus developed this theory of care in the 1960s. The Three C’s of Nursing are: core, cure, and care. Core represents the person whom nursing care is provided to. Cure consists of the attention given to persons from healthcare professionals and the treatment focus. Care represents the comfort measures used to meet client needs. It is through the understanding of these values that nurses are able to provide quality care.

The Caduceus symbolically represents the tradition of medicine. It is important to note that we only see half of this figure. This is attributed to concept of nurses being life-long learners. We are rooted in our journey here at Queen’s University, and what we will make of it is yet to be discovered.

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